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You’ve been struggling with your finances because of injuries caused by someone else. Your lawyer has filed a lawsuit, and now you’re wondering how to make ends meet. Is the situation hopeless? Does financial help seem impossible? At Lawsuit Financial, we make the impossible…possible. Have other companies turned you down? Need approval? We say “yes” when the other funding companies say “no”. Need to speak with someone right away? We’re here, awaiting your call. Need money in your pocket within 24 to 48 hours? Your wish is our command.

We assist clients in every State that allows us to; when you need lawsuit funding, why not get it from the very best? Lawsuit Financial doesn’t just meet the industry standard—we invented it. Our company is led by Mark Bello, an attorney who spent 25 years handling cases like yours  before pioneering and revolutionizing the lawsuit funding industry. What makes Lawsuit Financial special is that we have raised the bar for the standard of client care in this industry.  We don’t process paper, we help people. Lawsuit funding isn’t always the right choice.  We are the only company in America that takes a client/case centered approach, tailored to your personal circumstance. Our prescription service, client resource center, medical and hospital treatment services are provided at no additional cost. We assist in budgeting, saving, cost control and finding you free resources. And, of course, if you need a fast cash advance to pay your rent, utilities, food and other everyday expenses, we are waiting for your call.

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“How Am I Going to Afford This?:
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Video FAQ

Lawsuit funding may come with its share of complexities, but the benefits are straightforward: you get the money you need, quickly and risk-free, to see you through to the end of your legal proceedings. Click below to find video resources with your most commonly asked questions and concerns about lawsuits and litigation funding.


Client Testimonials

Mark was a plaintiff’s attorney for about 36 years before starting a company designed to help plaintiffs prevail by preventing powerful defendants from starving them out. He is one of the most active and supportive of our rank-and-file members. If I …

Jesse Green, Attorney & Director of Communications, Michigan Association for Justice

I am very pleased and willing to highly recommend the services of Lawsuit Financial Corporation to my fellow attorneys whose clients should never be forced to accept minimal settlements of personal injury matters because of pressing personal financia…

Timothy Walsh, Attorney at Law, IN

Best customer service in client funding, period.

Neil Miller, Attorney, Troy, MI

I second and third Norm’s endorsement. I have had several [clients in need of lawsuit funding] in the past two years who have worked with Mark Bello-and he has been a wonderful help, backing me up when the clients are asking for too much, and checkin…

Eugenie Eardley, Michigan Association of Justice Member, MI

If you have a client looking for an advance or to sell his/her structured settlement, then I suggest you contact Mark Bello at Lawsuit Financial… I have used him to advance money to my clients…and he has been very fair. He will treat you well.

Stephen Apolinsky, Georgia Trial Lawyer, Decatur, GA

I just want to thank you again for the advice…Not only was it very helpful, but it lifted a very heavy weight off my shoulders. You actually spent the time to talk to me and helped me resolve my problems and that means the world to me! Thank You!! Si…

M. Ream

Mark has been nothing but honest, ethical and fair to my clients who have needed his service. Advances from Lawsuit Financial have not only kept a roof over my clients’ heads, but enabled my clients to go the distance with the defense and obtain top-…

Joey S. Niskar, Attorney, The Niskar Law Firm, PLLC, MI

This year, after 30 years in the practice, I had a client that had a legitimate economic problem, although very minor by most standards. They had contacted numerous internet sources. I spoke with Mark, he asked for info on the case and client and the…

Norman D. Tucker, Lawyer and MAJ Past President, MI

Mark’s company, Lawsuit Financial, is the only pre-settlement funding company I will recommend. He consistently provides better service at a lower cost than his competitors.

Lloyd Pont, Attorney, Southfield, MI

Mark provides a valuable service to both plaintiffs and their attorneys. His financing allows cases to move forward when they otherwise might not. Give him a call to review your situation.

Michael Acho, Certified Financial Planner, MI


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