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There is no license required to be a business broker in Tennessee.  Therefore, you need to be extra careful when selecting an intermediary to handle the sale of your business.

Jim brings experience, education, and judgment to the process of selling a business. He can navigate the business owner through the complicated and emotionally-trying process. Jim understands there are no do-overs when selling a business, so he will

  • Package and present your company information to maximize value
  • Get this information in front of the right buyers, be it a strategic, private equity or an individual
  • Advocate for you from the point you decide to sell until the wire hits your bank account
  • Proceed with discretion and sensitivity to your company’s unique circumstances


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The Pursuit of Value

10 Tips to Help You Maximize Your Company's Worth

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Buying and Selling A Business

We specialize in business brokerage and the transfer of businesses in Tennessee with annual revenue of $2 million to $30 million.

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Exit Planning

When selling your business, we assist you in key tasks associated with exit planning, such as value enhancement, organizational transition, and after-exit life planning.

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Valuation Consulting

Is your present valuation not quite what you’d like it to be? We can help you improve your valuation by identifying certain touch points and applying recommended fixes.

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Seller Marketing

We prepare a marketing package that discusses your business’s history, strengths, and future potential to enhance its appeal to buyers.

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Business Valuation

We assist with gathering data, reviewing financial statements, and the other duties related to a legitimate market-based valuation.

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Transfer Mediation

Transfer mediation is an excellent process to define and negotiate the key terms of you business sale, such as valuation, employment agreements.

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Take this Short Quiz to See How a Potential Buyer Would View Your Business

Answer these 18 questions in just 3 minutes to learn how a buyer will look at your company and how that will affect your valuation. With this knowledge, you can take clear steps now to maximize the value of your business whenever you decide to sell in the future.

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When my company got ready to make an acquisition, we brought Jim in to advise us. He helped us find the right company, structure the offer and get through due diligence. I don’t think we could have done it without him but I’m glad we did because it’s made my company more valuable and I’ll be ready to sell it in three or four years. You can bet I’ll use Jim for that.